(Updated 2018) (in progress)

(Note: The listings below are compiled from various lists, including information forwarded to from various chapter members.)

NOTE: Pres. =Chapter President, Legs. = Chapter Legislative Chairperson.

ABILENE #2137, Pres. Mrs. Janet Fadden. (703) 314-5102    Meet 3rd Thursday each month except July & Aug.  11:30 AM, Mr. K's Farmhouse.

ATCHISON #621 (AMELIA EARHART CHAPTER, Pres. Judy Etter, (913) 773-8565,  Legs. Roger Mumm 913-682-1197  Meet 3rd Tuesday, KFC/Taco Bell, 11:30 AM except July & August. NARFE NET: Peggy Coder


CHANUTE #799, (?)  Pres.Mr.Gary Kilgore (620-431-0636), Legs.NONE.  Meet 1st Monday 11:30 A. M., March, June, Dec,/ 2nd Monday Sept., Neosho County, Community College. (Oak Room). NARFE Net: Luther J. Gaskell (620)-431-6235

CLAY CENTER #1998, Pres. Brad Cooper (785)-632-5695, Legs. None assigned, Meet 4th Tuesday, Jan, March, May, July, Sept., November 6:30 PM, Maury Cafe. NARFE net, none assigned.

COFFEYVILLE #2257, Pres. Carl K. Grigsby (620) 251-3997, Legs. NONE, Meet 2nd Monday, 11:30 AM Sirloin Stockade, 104 W 11th, Super 8 Motel, Coffeyville, KS. NARFE Net None appt.

COLBY #2291, Pres. Ms. Mary D. Reitcheck (785-675-3747) mailto:MARYDORIS37@GMAIL.COM & Federal Legs., Legs. State: Mr. Alvin Volk 785-622-645 Meet 1st Tuesday, 6:30 P.M., except Oct. through April, At Montana Mike's. . NARFE NET: Maxine Nelson (785)-462-3571

COWLEY COUNTY #757, Pres. Phillip R. Miller (620) 221-9651, Legs. None App't., Meet 2nd Monday, 12 Noon, Except June, July & August at Neive's Mexican Restaurant. 

CROSSROADS (Bellville) #739, Pres. Ms. LaVernia A. Peters (785-794-2271), Ist VP: Karl Fry.   Legs. None assigned. Meet 2nd. Saturday, 12 Noon, Kristy's Family Restaurant Meeting: February, May, August and October. NARFE NET: None assigned. 


DONIPHAN COUNTY #2136, Pres. MS Donna M. Chance 785-989-4885 . Meet 4th Friday, 12 Noon  Monthly, Various Restaurants. NARFE NET: None Appt.

EMPORIA #384, Pres. Mrs. Deane Hay E-mail:   Legs:  Donald D. Dix (620) 342-6296, , Meets 2nd Monday, 11:30 P.M., Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov. at American Legion Post #5, Emporia. NARFE NET: None

FORT SCOTT #792, Pres. (& E-mail )Ms. Doris Ericson (620) 547-2451,  Meet 3rd Tuesday Monthly at 11:45 AM,  Except June, July, Aug. December, Fort Scott Inn - Mayberry's.   

GARDEN CITY #1995, Pres. Leland N. Austin (620) 275-1570.   Legs. None App't., Meet 2nd Thursday, Monthly, 11:30 AM, Except June, July & Aug. Sammy's Clarian Inn.

GOODLAND #1991, Pres. Erma J. Pyles (785) 890-2031, . Legs.none assigned.  Meet 1st. Wed., Monthly, 11:30 AM at  Goodland Senior Center..

GREAT BEND #1709, Pres. Mr. Charles E. Waknitz (620) 792-5473 Legis: Robert Cranmer 785-798-2849, Meet 2nd Thursday 12 Noon, at Stone Ridge Club, Great Bend, Except June, July, August. NARFE net: Robert Cranmer.

HAYS #2050, Chapter closed.

HERINGTON #1933, Chapter closed.

HUTCHINSON #537, Pres. Mr. Philip Mathews Email: PJMATHEWS2@SBCLKKGLOBAL.NET. Meet 2md Wednesday, 12:00 P.M. Feb, April, June, Aug., Oct, Dec., Wesley Towers, Hutchinson. NARFE net, none assigned.

INDEPENDENCE #1763, Pres. Mr. Waldo L. Cain (620-331-5522), Legs. None App't, Meet 11:30 AM, 2nd Monday Monthly, Big Cheese Pizza, Independence.

IOLA #2077, Pres. Mr. Spencer W. Ambler, (620)-365-5900. Legs. Alfred E. Link (620) 365-7149, Meet 1st Monday each Month at the Greenery Restaurant on US 169, 11:30 AM, Lunch, Except September, & July 4th.


JEFFERSON COUNTY #2231, Pres. MS. Ethel Jenkins (785) 889-4257 Vice President: Daryl Ford (785) 945-3751  meets various cities, various times.

JUNCTION CITY #383,   Pres. Mary A. Reed Legs. & NARFE NET: James E. Dodd (785) Meets 2nd Thursday, Monthly, except July & Aug. 11:30 AM, Senior Citizens Center, Spring Valley Road.

KANSAS CITY, KS (SUNFLOWER) #1160, Pres. & Legislative: Byron K. Nichols 816-333-5151 Meet 10 AM, 2nd Friday Monthly, Pat Hanlon Senior Center, 1101 Ridge, Kansas City, KS. NARFE NET: Byron K. Nichols (816)-763-4729.


LAWRENCE #378, Pres: Mr. Thomas Huber   Meet 3rd Wednesday,, Monthly 12:00 noon. Conroy's Pub. 3115 W 6th St, Lawrence.  NARFE-NET: none assigned 

LEAVENWORTH #27, Pres: Mr. Bonita Lages.(913) 651-5169 Legs: E. W. Stalnaker 913-651-6873 , Meet 1st Thursday each month, 1:30 PM at The Heritage Center, 109 Delaware Street, Leavenworth. NARFE NET: none assigned

MANHATTAN #366, Pres: Mr. Joseph Ott E-Mail:   Legs.  James Dunham Meet 3rd Wed. 11:15 AM, Bamboo Buffet, Manhattan, except July & August. Net: none.

MARYSVILLE #1947, Chapter closed.

McPHERSON  #1794, Pres. David A. Nigh (620) 241-0604,  NARFE NET: none assigned  Meet 2nd Monday, Jan, Apr., July, October, at Various Places, 11:30 AM.

NEMAHA COUNTY (SABETHA) #1948, Pres. Mr. EldonW. Schwant (785-336-3740), Legs. John H. Feek, (785)-284-3201, Meet Monthly, 4th Tuesday, except July, Aug, Nov., Rotating Towns, Usually 11:30AM.--Federation Area 1A VP   NARFE NET: Eldon W. Schwant 

OAKLEY #2032, Pres. Mr. Ron Katt (785) 735-2585, Legs. none assigned. , Meet last Monday,  Jan, April, July, October, Colonial Steak House, 6:30 PM.  NARFE NET: Ron Katt

OBERLIN #2053, Pres. Mr. Rob R. McFee (785) 475-3949, Legs. None App't, Meets as called by President,  Alternates Between Atwood and Oberlin. NARFE NET: none  assigned. 

OSAGE CITY #2099, Pres. Cindy Renee' Blythe (785) 589-2266 Legs. Sylvia Riepen (785) 528-3278 Meet Last Friday,6:00 P.M., Except June, July, Aug. & December. Lamont Hill Restaurant. NARFE NET: Cindy Renee Blythe (785)-589-2266


PITTSBURG #550, Pres. & Legis. Dean Stites  620-724-4431 ,  Meet 2nd Tuesday, Monthly, Except July & Aug., 11:15 AM, Heart catholic Church., NARFE NET: None assigned.

SALINA # 280, Pres.John F. Ourada 785-452-9638  Legs.Robert J. Scuitte (785) 827-2801, Meet 3rd Friday, Monthly, Bicentennial Center, Heritage Hall, 12:00 Noon (Except July & August) NARFE Net None Assigned.


SHAWNEE MISSION #1162, Pres. Louise Lloyd (913) 661-1720.  NARFE-NET: none assigned.  Legs. (Federal)  Louis G. Bornman (913) 268-8526  Meet 4th Tuesday, 1:30 P.M., Except July, Aug, Dec., Overland Park Lutheran Church,  79th & Lowell, ( Dec Time and Place Announced).

STOCKTON #2085, chapter closed.

TRI-RIVERS #2098, Pres. Mr. Tommy Darrell Williams (913) 755-4026  Legs. Robert E. Hodge, (913) 557-5581 Meeting Rotated 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 6:00 P.M.,  except in March meet at noon,  Various Locations, members will be Notified. New dues change: July 1, 1999, $5.00 year. NARFE-NET (none assigned)

TOPEKA #2, Pres. James F. Miller (785)-478-0651 ,  also:Legs (Federal & State):   Meet 4th Friday, 11:30 AM except Nov., December, Aldergate Village. (December Meeting Announced.)   NARFE-NET: none assigned.

ULYSSES #2086, Pres. Alice L. Frey, (620-356-3889 Secy. Marietta Klein,  Meet Third Tuesday 4:00 PM Park View Assisted Living, Betty Floyd Apt..

WICHITA # 138, Pres. Mr. Gary Townson E-Mail: GESST@PRODIGY.NET  Meets at the HOME TOWN BUFFET, 6820 West Central, Wichita, 3rd Wed., Jan, 11:00 - 2:00, Jan, Mar. May, July, Sept, Nov.  NARFE NET: Richard Diller