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From January 2006 NARFE magazine, page 26-27)

Government Sponsored Retirement Plans

(CLICK HERE)  Social Security web site. Click on Retirement/Calculate your benefits. (www.ssa.gov)

(CLICK HERE) Thrift Savings Plan information. (www.tsp.gov.)

(CLICK HERE) Civil Service and FERS plan information and forms. (www.opm.gov/retire)

Mutual Funds/Stocks/Bonds.

(CLICK HERE) (Click on the Finance icon at this web site.)

Stock market analysis, research, pricing, etc. (www.yahoo.com)

(CLICK HERE)  For historical information and ratings of stocks and mutual funds. (www.morningstar.com)

(CLICK HERE) For daily commentary & stock "picks" Has many LINKS to other web sites. (www.investorlinks.com)

(CLICK HERE) For information, quotes and news about NASDAQ. (www.nasdaq.com)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC)

(CLICK HERE) At the web site: Click on Deposit Insurance.)

This FDIC site provides info. and booklets insurance of bank savings, etc. (www.fdic.gov)

Securities Fraud/Investigation

(CLICK HERE) For: Security grievance information. Info. about common securities scams. (www.nasdr.com)

Internal Revenue Service

(CLICK HERE) For answers to tax questions, forms, and several FREE tax calculators. (www.irs.gov)

Education Planning

(CLICK HERE) For information on college savings plans, funding, costs calculators. (www.collegesavings.com)

(CLICK HERE) For a source of information 529 College Savings plans, etc. (www.savingforcollege.com)

Find a Financial Planner

(CLICK HERE) Will help you find a finacial planning assistance near you. (www.cfp.net)

(CLICK HERE) For help in locating a Chartered Financial Consultant. (www.financialpro.org)

Consumer Credit/Debt

(CLICK HERE) To request a FREE online credit report. (www.annualcreditreport.com)


(CLICK HERE) If you need an immediate annuitiy, provides information and annuity calculators. (www.webannuities.com)

Financial Planning

http://ww(CLICK HERE) Financial planning information, calculators, market quotes, etc. (www.pfgroup.org)

When All Else Fails!

(CLICK HERE) If none of the above Web sites answers your questions try Google Search. (www.google.com)

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